Ciara Vows To Be "REAL" On New Album "Jackie"

Chiiiiiiild, I've heard this one before, from the same mouth to be exact. If you have been living under a rock, or simply just have not been checking for the girl, Ciara released a new single last month called "I Bet". It's a song about her relationship roller coaster with her ex-fiance Future. The single hasn't seen much success on any charts. Currently, it sits at #141 on iTunes, it has 7.1M streams on YouTube, but couldn't catch a miracle with Billboard.

The song isn't bad, but it see's her still avoiding the crunck music that we love her for. It's a ballad of course, and she showcases her ability to be open about her personal life through music. That's exactly what she plans on doing for the entire album. It will be called "Jackie" (named after her mom) and will drop sometime later this year. She spoke to Hip-Hop Holywood to shed more info about the project. See it below.

“On this album, I think that it’s important for people to really feel me,” the 29-year-old told HipHollywood. “I titled that album after my mom because I can now see the world through her eyes.” 
After the release of her first single, “I Bet,” which addresses her unfortunate split from Future, fans realized that she would be opening up a lot more on this album than she has on previous projects. 
“I just feel so many different things now with life,” she continued. “As a woman, I feel a whole different confidence. I feel a need to express. I feel like us women want to express with each other. I talk to so many women and a lot of my friends about real things and I want to be able to share that through my music because I think that’s what the world wants.” 
“The world needs music. The world needs, I think, realness…It’s important to me that I get to be true and express myself exactly how I want to as an artist.”

If you haven't heard the song "I Bet", listen to it below.

I'm here for Ciara, and I look forward to the project....but girl, she just needs to suck it up and drop this "I wanna be a pop star" act and get back to her dirty roots with "Goodies". That's it and that's all! I'll dive more into that theory as time progress. I think that I've enough shade in this post! BOOOOP!

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