Lifetime Network Preps Destiny's Child Biopic for 2015

We all know that the Lifetime network is in the season for biopics. They have also been coming with controversy. The first being the Aaliyah film called "Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B", which is slated for a November 15th premiere on the network.

Then there is the Whitney Houston biopic which has yet to deliver a trailer. Now, a little birdie tells me that Lifetime is in the works to pick up the rights for a Destiny's Child biopic and is slated for a 2015 release. Check out the details below.

An insider tell us via email...

I have received word that Lifetime is in works to develop a biopic for 2015. The biopic will cover the group Destiny's l. It will cover their story from 9 when they first grouped together til when the group was remade to DC3. 
It will have major story-lines about Mathew and Tina's marriage, the unfair treatment to Latavia & LeToya, Beyonce's first heartbreak with her first boyfriend, and the rise to fame of the girls. The main story-line will be about the marriage of Mathew & Tina and how it had an effect on raising Beyonce in the limelight also dealing with all the troubles going on. Lifetime is interested in putting newcomer Tinashe in the role of Beyonce. Other casting choices have not been made known yet.

Now, Lifetime really needs to sit it down. This is believable simply because Lifetime is the type of network that makes relationship troubles the focal point of their shows. Like the Aaliyah biopic, the focal point will be her and R. Kelly's relationship, not Aaliyah's music.

This Destiny's Child biopic, as you can see above, won't really focus on the music aspect. I think it's unnecessary drama. Also, whatever music they will focus on  will be included in the film because you know who has the rights to ALL of Destiny's Child music and I'm sure he needs the coins to pay child support! *sips tea*

Your thoughts?

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