Mathew Knowles Says The Elevator Fight Was Staged To Promote The Tour

Of course some shit goes down when there's a billion dollars on the elevator! We still will never know what went down on the elevator but Beyonce's father & former manger Mathew Knowles has hinted that the entire thing was staged to help promote the "On the Run" tour as well as other things.

He paid a visit to a Houston radio station earlier this morning and of course he was questioned about that incident and he offered his two cents. He also hinted that it's been done in the past before saying that one has to ignite the fire for success. Listen in below.

It starts around the 6:10 mark and carries over into the next video.

Do I think it was staged? No I do not. For once, Beyonce and Solange aren't that great when it comes to acting...and looking at that footage, Solange was not acting. There was fire and fierceness behind those punches and kicks that Solo was throwing to Jay. It looked far from staged.

Maybe it was just perfect timing on their behalf, and maybe, just maybe it did help increase those ticket sales. But I feel that even without elevator gate, the tour would have sold as much as it already has. I can't wait for Beyonce to do an intervew. She hasn't done anything for this album expect drop videos, a Grammy performance, the OTR tour and the VMA's. There hasn't been any radio interviews, TV interviews or anything....then again....she's Beyonce.

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