Karrueche Comes For Blue Ivy's Hair

Word on the street is that Klondike is in the running to be one of the newest EBT 106th & Park hosts. She will be filling the shoes of temporary host Keshia Chante. Well, the sideline hoe was doing her thing on 106th & Park today and of course the topic at hand was the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

During a segment called "The Top 6 Things Blue Ivy Thought of Her Mom's Performance",  KittKatt had this to say....

The NERVE! Bitches will say anything for a check! After she was attacked by the beyhive she took to Twitter to blame the entire thing on EBT saying that they wrote the script and she had to say it.

You can be team BeyHive all you want by she not #teamKitKat #teamwhore #teamdummie or none of that. I'm sure EBT did write it for her to say. For the simple fact that they felt so damn DUMB after Beyonce passed them a used, stale, late, tired and delayed ass uploaded performance to air on their award show whereas MTV got her for a whole 15 minutes, live in the flesh. So they felt some type of way about that.

Then they would get an air head to pull this off. They know Special K bar is thirsty for some limelite and television airtime, so they got her dumb ass to say that line. Now, her career is over. Damn dummie! Blue's hair looked fine if you ask me!

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