FRESH MUSIC | Chris Brown - "X"

We are a few weeks away from the release of Chris Brown's long awaited album "X". It's do far spawned a slew of hits including "Fine China", "Don't Think They Know", "Love More", "Loyal", "New Flame" and now this newly released sixth self titled singled "X".

Within in. he sings about the end of a relationship. Once can only think that it could be about Rihanna or Kurrache or however her damn name is spelled. The songs starts out as a slow paced balled but morphs into a euro-pop track and something else before it's over and done with. The album drops September 17th. Give it a go below.

Songs like this kind of bother me. There are three different productions within it. For me, it feels all over the place. Like he meshed three different songs together. I really prefer the production in the beginning. It sounds he best. The euro-pop movement is over and done with. Him and Jennifer Lopez know that they can beat a dead horse until it dies again..... Your thoughts?

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