AALIYAH | Still One In A Million

After 13 years, Aalyiah continues to inspire pop culture and make headlines in our news. She's featured on songs, new singers emerge while citing her as an inspiration and homage is payed by today's biggest stars.

The singer's life was cut short on August 25, 2001 in an unfortunate plane crash, killing her and eight others. Her legacy lives through her music and will now live on through not one but two bio-pics the will reintroduce her to the world on so many levels.

One from Lifetime and another full length film is coming next year. Her shoes have yet to be filled. Aaliyah will always be one in a million. Her fans have took to Twitter to pay their tributes and respects making #RIPAaliyah a trending topic for the day. We love you and we miss you baby girl!

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