Christina Milian Will THOT Her Way Around The Music Industry For A Hit

Now, I'm not one to knock someone's hustle. But if your hustle consists of you thotting around the industry then I will knock it to the high heavens! Christina Milian JUST called off her engagement about two weeks ago. Now she's already holding hands with Lil Wayne. TMZ caught up with her and she "claims" that the two of them are just making music. We heard that one before. That was the same story she gave us when she was doing The-Dream and that out come was a baby.

Speaking of The-Dream, check this out. He used to be married to singer Nivea. The two have three kids together. She also dated Lil Wayne and has a son by him. Now look at C-Milli, she got with The-Dream in hopes to have a hit, but instead he gave her a baby, who now is related to Nivea's three children. Now, she's with Lil Wayne in hopes to sign a deal with Young Money so that she can get a record deal...but instead, she will have a child....making that one ALSO related to Nivea's son that she has with Lil Wayne. WTF is really going on? should be because she shouldn't be thotting around this industry for a hit single or mixtape!!

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