Beyonce & Jay Z To SPLIT After "On the Run" Tour?

We all know that Beyonce and Jay Z's relationship has taken a turn for the worst in some way, shape or form. We've heard the rumors, we've seen "Solange-gate" and now the New York post is reporting that after the "On the Run" tour wraps up, the power couple will head their separate ways.

The report also states that the two had Blue Ivy in hopes to save their rocky marriage, but that clearly has failed. But we can't tell, the two of them put up a front like no other. They look happy on that stage and we've never heard a peep from them about their love life. See the report below.

While Jay Z seemingly is the one most at fault, he’s also the one doing all in his power to keep the couple together, even hiring marriage counselors who are believed to be traveling with the super duo on their tour, the source said. 
“They are trying to figure out a way to split without divorcing …This is a huge concert tour and they’ve already gotten most of the money from the promoters up front,” the source said. 
Despite the tens of millions the couple will pocket from the current tour, this will certainly be their last and the end of the tour could officially spell the end of the marriage, the source said.
“There are no rings, if you haven’t noticed,” the source said, admitting that he thought things would get better after the birth of the couple’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.
“For just a split moment, things got real for them and she was even talking about adding to the family,” the source said.
“But, after a while, Jay was out doing Jay and Bey was out doing Bey. They made the classic mistake of thinking a child would change everything and help to rekindle the initial fire, and it didn’t.”
Source: Love B Scott 

I've been saying this since the rumors first began earlier this year. That the two of them would call it quits AFTER the tour. They're making so much money from this stadium tour that they can feed all of Uganda! It's been well over 10 years that they've been together. Within those 10 years, Jay Z supposedly has a son that lives in Trinidad, he's been liked to other girls, models and all that.

It's clear that Beyonce has had enough. But at the same time, Jay is hip-hop moguel. One of the hottest rappers of our time so what would you expect. If Beyonce can't keep his ass in line then no one can. He probably gets pussy thrown at him on a day to day basis and it looks like he's not turning it down.

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