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Alright everyone, I know I've been gone for a couple of weeks, but it's all for good reason. I SWEAR! It's been exactly three weeks since my last post and I think it's a perfect time to update you all on what I've been cooking up. Some of you may know that my career aspiration is to be a radio personality. I love new music, celebrity gossip, technology, local news, world news and so much more. That's the reason why I started an entertainment blog. I think it's been successful in it's own rights. So now it's time to push forward and add something different to the mix.

Everyone, everywhere reports celebrity news. You can scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and find all the newest gossip and stories. So much to the point that I personally do not need to blog because you may have already heard or seen the news elsewhere. So I've been thinking how can I put my own spin on bringing you all the news you love while making strides to get closer to my dream career. And the answer to that is "Drink This".
My good friend Brandan and I are bringing a radio styled show to the table. It was inspired by our love for music, fashion and eagerness to be on the radio. Also, listening to The Breakfast Club, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, The Read and so many others gave the inspiration for this. Our friend Pheonix Phire came up with the name "Drink This" and she will join us occasionally for some of our shows!

 It's something fresh and different and to my knowledge, it has not been done. Like I said before, there are so many blogs, so many video logs and recaps of everyone reporting this news and striving to be the #1 source, but Drink This style will be very different.

We will give you all of us. We will give you sass, we will give you personality, we will give you hot topics, news, discussion pieces, contests, prizes, giveaways and the best part....there will be the music. Yes, we will be playing music from your favorite artists as well as up & coming musicians.

However, there is a twist. The music that we will play will be unreleased songs  as well as music from mixtapes that were released freely. The goal behind this is to introduce you all to newer music or songs you may have never knew were recorded by one of your favorites. We cannot and will not play any music that was officially published and released. So that means, you won't hear what you hear on the radio...and that is what will make our show different from all the others.

As the show progresses, we will be taking and recording phone calls for our discussion pieces, we will announce winners for contests and giveaways and we will also have guests to be featured on the show. All that and so much more to look forward to from Drink This!

When and how can you listen? Well, we have an official SoundCloud page so go and download the app, it's free, and for our YouTube heavy users, you will be able to stream us from there as well. Again, every Tuesday a new show will be posted unless noted otherwise and we hope you join us for each and every last one of them. We will be promoting like hell so excuse the excessive Facebook and Twitter posts. We hope that you all will enjoy what we've been mapping out!

Until the airing, please follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook! Subscribe to our YouTube page. Follow us on Instagram and SoundCloud! Show us your love and support! Something great this about to happen in less than 24 hours. Get to know us now so you can Drink This later!

See ya tomorrow!!!!

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