DRINK THIS | Episode 1: "Another Empty Stadium"

Last night, B. Santana & I launched our first episode of "Drink This". We gave it the title, "Another Empty Stadium". We talked a little bit about ourselves, Aaliyah, Beyonce & Jay Z's stadium tickets, Eve getting married and so much more. We also played music from RichGirl, Chris Brown, Ariana Grande and Danity Kane.  It was a lot of fun to do and we can wait for next Tuesday to bring you all episode two. We've already received a few emails with music submissions and they will definitely get a spin.

We have a lot of things brewing so make sure you tune in each Tuesday. There will be prizes, giveaways, shout-outs and so much more. The first episode was an introductory one, so If you missed it yesterday, check it out right here. Leave comments, whether you like us or not, if you agree or disagree on the opinions given. Any feedback is good feedback. Share it, retweet it, post it and let it be known! Listen to the show below.

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