Solange Deletes ALL Pictures of Beyonce From Her Istagram, Except For One

And that would be this one. Following yesterday's leaked footage of Solange going ham on Jay Z in an elevator last week after their Met Gala evening, the younger sister of Beyonce scrubbed her Instagram account. She deleted almost every photo of her sister, except for the one you see above.

 There's still no explanation as to what made Solo erupt but every one has a theory. Sisters fight all the time and since Beyonce was spotted at an NBA game last night with Jay, it's clear who's side she's on. They appeared like everything was okay, as if they didn't know what the world was talking about. I just hope that the story comes to the light and that this is not swept under the rug.

All seems well with the two. Unless they're putting on a show for the public.

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