Solange Attacks Jay Z In Elevator, Beyonce Watches [UPDATED W/ FULL VIDEO]

Last week was the big night of the MET Gala and TMZ has obtained some inside footage from the elevator. The footage shows Solange physically attacking Jay Z while Beyonce stood helpless before stepping between the two at the very end.

There's no word on what happened or why she attacked him but the footage is as clear as day. Details are soon to come. Until then see the video below. This is what really happens behind the Carter's closed doors. At least Jay handled it like a man.

What do you think could have happened? But a whole week and a half later? This type of footage the Carters probably pay good money to not have this stuff leaked. But they will have to address this!! OMG!!

UPDATED: Here's a longer look at the footage. Solange wasn't letting up!

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