Petition Started For Beyonce & Jay Z To Release Full "Run" Film

Fans sign this petition please! It's been a fun-filled month for the Carters. Things are about to get it even crazier now that an official petition was surfaced and went viral. It calls for the power couple to release a full length film for the "Run" trailer that was released earlier this week. The trailer was created to support the couple on their upcoming "On the Run" stadium tour.

Well, the trailer was so damn good that it has fans all over the world wanting more. The petition was started by a rising singer Devante Jones and he needs at least 100,000 signatures. The petition has been featured on websites of  BET, Ryan Seacrest, Cosmopolitan and countless more. Lets hope that we can change that "Coming Never" to a "Coming Soon"! See the petition below!

If you want to see this becoming a full length film!

Then I suggest you sign this petition please!

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