Mike Epps Calls Kevin Hart Overrated + Kevin BLASTS Mike On Twitter

Do you think Kevin Hart is overrated? Well Mike Epps seems to think so. The comedian called into K104 Hip-Hop & R&B radio station to do a brief interview this morning. While on the phone, the DJ questioned him about which comedian in his eyes are overrated.

Of course, Epps responded and answered Kevin Hart. He went on to say that marketing can be bigger than talent. In other words, Kevin has no talent, he's just marketed all over the damn place. After Kevin got wind of the interview, he BLASTED Mike on Twitter. Check it all out below.

The Mike Epps Interview

Kevin Hart's Tweets (read from the bottom up)

Mike Epps Responded.

Well, I don't think Kevin Hart is overrated. America finds him funny. Me, not so much. But that doesn't mean that I think he's overrated. He's doing his thing. I think that every so often, a comedian has his reign. First there was Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, Chris Rock, D.L. Hugely, Chris Tucker, Katt Williams, Mike Epps and now it's Kevin Hart. It's his time to shine.

At one point in time, each of the names I listed above had movies, television sitcoms and other business endeavors going on because they were so popular at the time...eventually, it fades out. So I don't think Kevin will be on and popping for too much longer because a new comedian will rise and be the next big thing.

But I will applaud his doings. He is selling out shows, he's in all kinds of movies and television and all of that. So he's making his money. I just think Mike Epps is being a hater at the moment because his shine is over and done with. What do you think? Is Kevin Hart overrated? Share your thoughts below.

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