LaTavia Roberson Visits Wendy, Talks R&B Divas, Destiny's Child, Beyonce & More

R&B Divas: Atlanta starlet LaTavia Roberson, formally of Destiny's Child, paid a visit to the Wendy show. The lovely singer stopped by to promote her new show, as well as give us some of the truths that happened when she was with Destiny's Child. Of course Wendy got in a bunch of juicy questions and we got the answers.

LaTavia filled us in on how she has been sustaining over the past 10 years, she tells us about the letter to Mathew Knowles, how she has nothing against Beyonce or Kelly and that she has love for them all. I damn near fell out of my chair when Wendy asked her about Beyonce's baby brother!!! See the interview below.

You know, it's really good to see her out and to hear her more. I'm happy that she is doing the R&B Divas show and hopefully she can use it to ladder her music career. I felt like she didn't get the chance that she should have after the entire Destiny's Child ordeal. I'm a fan of hers and I'm #teamtavia!! Thank you to Wendy for getting the goods!!!

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