Kim Kardashian Will Make Over $20 Million For Her Wedding

Shit! It's hard as hell for people to find love, and it's harder than hell to keep a dime in you pocket. Kim Kardashian just had love fall into her lap three different times and she has banked major dollars on all of the occasions. This will be her most profitable one.

Kim is on track to make over $20 million for this wedding with her and Kanye West. Word has it that she has been cutting deals left an right with endorsements and product placements so that she won't have to spend a dime on the wedding. She also demanded that E! pays up $15 million for more footage. See the story below.

“She’s taping everything else so she can get things for free in exchange for the exposure,” said a Kardashian source. 
Kim and Kanye reportedly asked E! network to cough up $15 million in exchange for more footage of their wedding. 
“Her mom couldn’t help herself either. Kris is trying to get them $4 million for their wedding photos,” said the source.

Source: Love B Scott

Well, one thing is for sure...she isn't a Gold Digger. Hell she probably is worth more than Kanye West. Shit, SHE better make HIM sign and agree to a pre-nup!

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