FRESH MUSIC | Michelle Williams - "Say Yes!" (feat. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland)

No, it's not Destiny's Child, but it's Michelle Williams featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. The girls have reunited once again for a new track that will be featured on Michelle's upcoming album "Journey to Freedom". The song was produced by Harmony Samuels. She tweeted that this version is unmixed and mastered but the official one will be relased soon.

Very similar to Kelly Rowland's structure for her song "You Changed". Kelly lead that song because it was her's and it's the same deal for Michelle. The infectious anthem is a contemporary christian song, and it's sure to get you moving. I'm sure they won't play this  in a club, but could pass! Listen to the song below!

YES!! I'm not worried bout a thing!! Sing it Michelle girl!!  When Jesus say yes! no body can't say no! It's a very uplifting track. It's weird to hear Beyonce sing about loving the lord because all i can think about his her riding a SURFBORT! What do you think about the song!?

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