FRESH MUSIC | Khia - "You Deserve It"

Literally minutes ago, Khia dropped a brand new single in support for her upcoming album "Love Locs" which is due out on July 4th. That's normally when she does her annual read from A-Z but it looks like this year she will celebrate Independence Day with an album release.

The song she uploaded to her YouTube account is called "You Deserve It". She's been promoting it and the album for the past few months and teased that the single will drop Memorial Day weekend....and she delivered. Check out the song below.

I am loving this new direction that Khia is going in. I've been listening to this feel good, slow jams she's been dropping and I'm definitely buying that album. She's made a complete 360 turn around. Just look at how pretty she is!

Now look at the the hotter than life album cover!

HELL YES QUEEN KHIA!!!!! You serving!!!

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