FRESH MUSIC | Ester Dean - "Twerk'n 4 Birk'n"

If she's not writing for other artists, she's dropping her own tracks. She just recently co-wrote Nicki Minaj's single "Pills N Potions". Ester Dean is now dipping and dabbing into the trap music world. The singer-songwriter has released a gritty, club track called "Twerk'n 4 Birk'n" and it falls right up the alley of twerking.

The street track basics spells out women shaking their asses to get expensive things that the want. The song just has the ghetto club written all over it. I can see them shaking and thrusting all of their lady parts to the ratchet beat. Check it out below.

YUUUP!! I'll add this to my ratchet playlist! Although, I do feel that the twerking phase of well over with as far as main stream goes. Miley birthed and killed that shit! So what's next? And please tell me w hat do you think about the song below.

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