FRESH MUSIC | Danity Kane - "Lemonade" (feat. Tyga)

The wait is over. The official first single from Danity Kane is here and it's called "Lemonade". It's the groups first release since announcing their reunion last August. The track features rapper Tyga and samples the beat from Clispe "Grindin'".

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not hear the voice of Andrea in this song. I hear the other three but no Andrea. The song is still hot though. Maybe she's blending in the harmonies or something...either that, or she wasn't used for the single or the cover. I saw pictures of her at rehearsals today thanks to Twitter user Brandi. Their #DKNoFilter tour kicks off this Friday. Check out the single below. It's a banger.

YUP!! It's a certified hit!! DK is back! Drop a comment below and share your thoughts about the song. Do you like it or nah!

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