Dancer Sues Britney Spears For Breaking Her Nose

Britney Spears is in hot water with one of her former dancers and the law. A suit was filed in the city of Los Angeles last week by a dancer named Dawn Noel. She claims that she was backhanded in the face by Britney during the video shoot for her 2013 single "Work Bitch".

The dancer claims that Britney arrived to one of the rehearsals in a disheveled and confused state to te point where she couldn't execute basic dance moves. Then she reportedly stumbled while trying to do the dance moves and forcefully backhanded Dawn in the face. See the full report below.

The impact was so hard, the lawsuit alleges, that Noel and the other dancers “heard a cracking sound which they immediately knew to be the sound of (Noel’s) nose breaking.” 
Noel “felt immediate intense pain and grabbed her nose,” and Spears just said “sorry” and continued to attempt to learn her routine, the complaint states.
Noel tried to rehearse for another half hour before having to leave to see a doctor. She was diagnosed with nasal bone fractures and advised that she would need surgery.

According to the complaint, Spears and Reign Deer Entertainment agreed to pay her medical bills. Months later, Spears’ representatives advised Noel that they would not pay for her treatment, the suit alleges.
Noel is also claiming her injuries resulted in “permanent disability” and prevented her from working, resulting in loss of present and future wages. The complaint charges battery and negligence but does not include specific monetary damages.
Attorneys for Spears did not respond immediately to calls from NBC News.

Source: NBC

I simply refuse to believe these claims. Ain't no way in hell that someone could stumble and back smack someone in the nose and break it. No one dances with the much force if the moves were "basic". I don't buy this story one bit.

Secondly, how can one hear a nose crack from a backhand? Some serious force has to be put behind it to break a whole nose. Lastly, noses heal. So how in the hell is it a permanent disability? This bitch is just trying to come up. It honestly sounds very stupid. I'll smack her for real.

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