Chris Brown Looks Like Hell After 7 Weeks In Jail

Poor Chris Brown. The man has been in jail all but seven weeks and he looks like he's fallen on hard times. For those of you living under a rock. The singer was jailed back in March after being kicked out of a rehab facility in Los Angeles.

From there, he was flown out to D.C. to stand trail in the assault case with his body guard. That trail has been postponed so he was flow back to L.A. to attend a court hearing regarding his violation of probation. He will remain there until June. See some of the footage below.

Poor thang. He looks deranged. Maybe jail will do him some good. He can't even enjoy the success of his single "Loyal". It's sitting at #10 on the Hot 100! That would have been ammo for him to release his album but shit....these hoes ain't loyal.

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