Beyonce & Jay Z Release "Run" Trailer For Joint Tour

Beyonce & Jay Z has dropped the super trailer for their upcoming joint stadium tour. The movie themed trailer features the power couple, Blake Lively, Sean Penn, and more familiar faces. Don't expect to see it in full or in theaters because it's "coming never".

The tour will kick off  June 25th in Miami and I'm sure it will feature more clips and segments from the trailer. I can't see them spending all this money for a power production and not use it for anything. Beyonce was toting guns, Jay was counting hard earned dirty cash and much more. See it below.

I'm sure there was an entire film done for this....not a full legnth one, but I know there's a story and a script behind it. One day, we will see it. Maybe they will bundle it with the official tour Blu-Ray when it comes out. But their timing couldn't have been more off. They should have dropped this last Monday when the elevator footage was leaked!

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