Beyonce & Jay Z Heading For A Messy $1 Billion Divorce

Could it be true? I'm not one to fully believe tabloids, but the story came form some where. Music's biggest couple could be on the verge of calling their 6 year marriage, 13 year relationship quits. Life & Style Weekly is reporting that the two are heading toward a $1 billion divorce battle. There's so much to speculate, with the footage of Solange attacking Jay Z while Beyonce stood and watched, as if her deserved it.

Then, there are the sayings that the couple had both of their IV tattoos removed from their ring fingers, hinting that there is indeed trouble in paradise. By them being very private about their personal lives, we would never hear about a divorce. But that's where sources come in. They told the magazine that things are about to get nasty between Bey & Jay. See the full report below.

"Beyoncé is extremely careful about her image, and everything she does is thought out and planned," a family insider reveals in this week’s issue of Life & Style, on stands now. "She is obsessed with them appearing as the perfect family." 
But the reality is very different. With rumors of cheating, violent fights, name-calling and extreme jealousy, the couple are now struggling to maintain their fairytale facade.
"It's been really rocky for them," says the insider. "There is trouble in paradise. 
Divorce is inevitable — and Beyoncé's only option."
But with a joint fortune estimated at over $900 million, and 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy caught in the middle, the separation of the power couple is likely to get very messy.

Source: Life & Style

Well, this is insane! Who knew it would come to this. There's so much evidence at hand which makes me believe that this is definitely true. A couple as big as they are would never get a divorce without the world knowing. People ask, well why are they touring together, why are they making music together? Money is money and at the end of the day, they have a job to do.

I was otld that it could cost them millions of dollars if they canceled the joint tour, so the show must go on. This story will be followed very closely so stay tuned! Do you think there is some truth to this? Could music's biggest couple be heading for splitsville? Comment below and let me know what you think.

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