Aundrea Officially Announces Danity Kane Departure

Well, it looks like I was right. Aundrea has officially parted ways with music group Danity Kane. The singer announced the news  herself during the DK #NoFilter tour that kicked kicked off in San Francisco. She confirmed the rumors that we've heard.

She is currently engaged and is expecting her first child. She stated that her dreams are coming true and she's ready to start the next chapter in her life, all while tearing up on stage. Her husband has yet to be revealed, but  it looks as if she's very happy in life. See the video footage below.

And then there were do you think the can progress as a trio? I'm sure fans aren't happy but I know they support her choice. It's not like she's being booted from the group or anything. She is just ready to start living with a family...and I'd say go for it. LIVE! Check out some of the performances from the tour as well.

"Rhythm of Love"



YES for the routine!! I love the song and I can't wait to see the video. I just wans't here for the lip syncing.....that could have stayed!

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