Ariana Grande Performs "Problem" On Ellen

Ariana Grande is on the promotional  trail with her new song "Problem". The number features rapper Iggy Azalea who wasn't there to rap, but instead it was used as a dance break. This marks the first single from her upcoming sophomore album. The single shattered iTunes records by becoming the fastest single to hit #1 in 30 minutes.

 The singer just recently performed the track on the Ellen show and she wowed the crowd. The high octane song, the vocals and help from her dancers set the mood. Ariana however, not so much. I honestly feel that she should stick to singing and leave the dancing alone. Check out the performance below.

See what i mean? No shade to her, but in this business, you have dancers, movers and people that can't dance. Chris Brown is a dancer. Ciara is a dancer. Beyonce is a mover, Ashanti is a mover. Rihanna can't dance. Ariana Grande can't dance, Brandy can't dance, nor can Mariah Carey. It' attempted but it looks awkward.

I won't say leave dancing complertely alone, but try other types of dancing, that fits your awkwardness...

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