TOP TEN THURSDAY | 10 Beyonce Songs That I Hate

Introducing Top Ten Thursday! Each week on this day I will do a top ten post. Most likely it will be of an particular artist's music, movies, television shows, foods, fashion or something ratchet. Whatever it is, it will be my top ten with my perspective.

This week, we will countdown my top ten Beyonce songs...not the ones that I love, but the ones that I hate. Yes, there are some songs she recorded and I was like why did you waste this space? So lets get into the countdown below!

10. Save the Hero

Just listen to this song and you will see why it made my list. I can't stand it! IT sounds like death.

9. Why Don't You Love Me

This song and video, I felt that she was just doing entirely too much. I felt that there was no need for a video for this, it shouldn't have been released as anyone's single. It colorful and tacky at the same time and I just found it absolutely pointless. Especially since it was released on the same day that Kelly Rowland released her "Commander" hit.

8. Poison

This song not too many people are familiar with.....and that is because it's awful! The production is stiff as well as the lyrics. I remember when it leaked and then it was included on the Platinum Edition of her "I Am...Sasha Fierce" album. Definitely wasn't feeling it and still not.

7. Ring the Alarm

This damn song gave me nothing but a headache. The video did and so did her MTV performance. It was just loud and obnoxious. This album was my least favorite. Every track, incluhding this one, sounded as if it was quickly written, produced and recorded. The video was the exact same. It just wasn't her best work in my eyes. 

6. Suga Mama

You know, this video made me like the song just a little bit more, but not enough. I hated the hat, I hated that pants suit, I hated the cigar and I hated that the video was cheap. The song itself, I hated the production. I didn't like that old timing feel it carried. I didn't dig the funk. I'm sorry, but she wasn't my suga mama in this video.

5. Rather Die Young

This song makes me want to die. It's the least listened to on my end. I do like the production and the feel behind it. But gets no play on this end.

4. Creole

First of all, this song makes absolutely no sense to me. It just threw me for a loop and I see why it was only released in Japan. I remember hearing people jamming to this and I was just so dumb founded. It sounds like something she actually wrote....on her own.....

3. Satellites

To be quite honest, this song always reminded me of someone's grandmother sitting on the front porch rocking in a chair. It's dull, it's slow, and boring. This song didn't even make it to my iPod and never will. I've listened to it plenty of times but it's just not one of those Beyonce songs that grabbed my attention.

2. Angel

This song was featured on the latest album BEYONCE and I'm not fan of it. It is my least favorite song on that album. I dislike it because of that high pitch she's singing in. When I first heard it, I skipped it, then I went back to it only to press the skip button again. I eventually listened to it in full and I still listen to it if it plays, but I'm not a fan of the song. The video didn't help really had nothing to do with the song. Just my opinion.

1. Radio

This is my LEAST favorite song from her "I Am...Sasha Fierce" a matter of fact, it's my most hated Beyonce song EVER! I looked at this song as if she was taking a stab at the euro-pop-dance thing. This was around that time where dance music took over. To me, this was her euro-pop dance song and it was an utter failure in my eyes. It didn't get the single treatment and I know exactly why. Because it was a hot ass mess. I hated the fact that she performed this on her world tour. It could have been replaced with something worthy.

That completes my list!  Are any of them your favorite songs? Comment below! Join me next Thursday for the countdown!

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