Lil Wayne Signs Openly Gay Rapper, Fly Young Red, To Cash Money Records

It looks like hip-hop has officially become gay-friendly. Rap mogul Lil Wayne has reportedly signed openly gay rapper Fly Young Red to Cash Money Records. The rapper is from New Orleans and released his first single called "Throw That Boy P*ssy". It's featured on his mixtape "Pretty Boy Realness".

Last month, he released the video and it's gained over 600,000 views. He video features flamboyant guys wearing leggings and crop tops while twerking and thrusting their male body parts. Lil Wanye says that the popularity of the video is due to the welcoming and accepting of gays and the anti-gay barrier in hip-hop has been shattered.

Lil Wayne said:
“Good music is good music,” said Lil Wayne per”Gay, straight, black, white, blue or purple. Good music is just good music. Have you ever been in the club when that joint came on? Niggas go crazy when that drop. I had to make him YMCMB [Young Money Cash Money Billionaires].” 
Fly Young Red on why he made the song:
Appearing on cabler Fusion’s AM Tonight, Fly Young Red said he wanted to create music that speaks directly to gay men. 
“I decided to create the video because I would go to gay clubs and I would see a lot of gay guys dancing to hip-hop music that rappers were talking to females,” Fly Young Red said. “And I felt like, you know, I’m a gay rapper, I’m coming out with an album, I need a club song and I need something that everybody can dance to. And I wanted to direct the song directly to the gay guys who were dancing.” 
“Gay people who listen to hip hop, they shouldn’t have to change the word from girl to guy. They should have their own music, and I want to provide that outlet for them,” he added. 
Source: Sandra Rose

"Throw That Boy P*ssy" Video

Was this a smart move or will Cash Money see some backlash for this? Share your thoughts below.

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