Jhene Aiko Heats Up GQ Magazine

Singer Jhene Aiko spices up the inside of GQ magazine with a sexy photo shoot. The singer flaunts her toned body in different bikinis while showing off her flawless abs and skin. She currently has an E.P. in stores called "Sail Out" which was released last November which debuted at #8 on Billboard's 200 Albums.

Her debut album will be titled "Souled Out" and is on track to see a release date in May. I'm sure it will be pushed back since no official single is out to support the project. Enough about that, below, she talks about the type of guy she likes and how she'd liked to be scooped up. Check it out the below.

“I’m pretty open-minded and so I like to give different types of guys chances. My ideal date would be driving with no destination and just talk, get to know each other, get lost. And I’ve actually done that with someone and it was a pretty good driving date. If it was was just like, ‘Get ready’ and then we’re going mountain climbing, and I’m like, ‘Wha? I have on flip flops.’ I like to be spontaneous, but I don’t like it to be a surprise. 
“I grew up with all boys and so I’ve always been really rough. Now that I’m older, some guys feel like that’s playing too much. Those aren’t the guys for me anyway. 
“‘I just want to come up to you and tell you that you’re really beautiful’ and walk away. It makes you want to know more about why they came up to you. That’s happened to me once and I still wonder about that guy.”


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