FRESH MUSIC | Lana Del Rey - "West Coast"

The queen of paradise, Lana Del Rey, has returned to the music scene with a new single from her upcoming album "Ultraviolence" via Interscope Records. The song is called "West Coast" and it premiered on BBC One radio early this morning. It's scheduled to be officially released on May 18th.

She teased fans with a snippet while performing at Coachella a few days ago and then released the official artwork that you see above. Get into the song below and tell me what you think. I also think that it's funny how her official audio clip features a short looping clip of herself .

You know, I just can't get into this girl and her death written music. I don't see what the hype and fuss is all about. I listened to the song all the way through, but I'm just not a fan. It's boring and slow. It sounds like what someone would listen to before killing themselves...I'm just saying.

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