FRESH MUSIC | Jennifer Hudson - "Walk It Out" (feat. Timbaland)

Jennifer Hudson is serving us this year with these new tunes. Prepare to be #jenniferized! The singer just released a new single today. It's not the one that I've been tweeting about over that past week, but it's still a good one. This track was produced and features the man Timbaland and it will be featured on her third album.

The song is called "Walk It Out" and we hear a different side of Jennifer. She's singing about good love and sex, she also drops the "f-bomb" in the song and says "shit" quite a few times. She also talks about going all the way with her boy toy. This is definitely a different sound and route for her, but it sounds great! Listen up below!

Hot right? You can hear that hard beating Timbaland production and those drums tapping. It reminds me of an Aaliyah production. Jennifer nails it and slays the track with this one. But I was really hopoing that she'd release "Paradise" because that one will set you all off!! Anywho, share your thoughts about the song below.

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