I spotted this lovely quartet over on That Grape Juice earlier today. They go by the name the JAZMIN Sisters. The name is inspired the sisters’ jazz influence and the Asian Jasmine flower which symbolizes happiness. The girls; Nadia, Felicia, Celia and Daria, are four Chinese-American sisters from Los Angeles and they each bring something unique to the group.

These girls have been out for quite sometime. They've been featured on networks from MTV to NBC. Last year, they released an E.P. called "90's Baby". The title alone made drew me in and I listened. When I tell you that this E.P. was was EVERYTHING. These girls can SANG!

Their melodies and harmonies are on point and their lyrical content fares pretty well. Each song has it's own essence as the girls take on different varieties on sounds and music throughout the project. Check it out below.

That title just hooks you doesn't it? "90's Baby" can only think about the 90's artists like Aaliyah, Monica, TLC, Brandy and how all of that music was influential and inspiring. This E.P. is all of that. To me, I feel that this E.P. has what a lot of music is missing today.

My favorite tune would have to be "Valentine Heart". All of the songs are lovely. They have a video for "You" which was released last November I can't wait to hear and see more from these ladies! You can check it out below.

What do you think about these girls? Drop a few comments below. Check them out on their official website.

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