Beyonce Named Highest Paid Black Artist EVER, Surpasses Prince, Janet & Michael Jackson

Hold on to your change purses because this story will definitely make you feel poor. Beyonce has been named the highest paid black artist of all time. According to MTV, the diva has her previous Mrs. Carter world tour to thank.

The 126 tour dates sold over 1.8 million tickets and the diva brought home a whopping $212 million for the year long stint. When she rebooted and revamped the tour for the second leg in Europe, it earned her $41 million alone. That's a combined total of $253 million buck and it doesn't stop there.

She's just announced her "On The Run" stadium tour with hubby Jay Z and rumors are swirling that they are on track to earn close to $5-$10 million per show. With that, she will defintely reach that billion dollar mark and will leave Prince, Janet and Michael Jackson (God rest his soul) in the shadows. See the full report below.

In a new report from Billboard magazine, after playing packed-out shows across 23 countries and four continents, Queen Bey has managed to secure a rather jaw dropping pay cheque of $212 million (£126 million). The eye-watering amount has seen Beyoncé surpass Prince, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson who were previously the top earning black musicians.

The tour, which lasted a year, sold 1.8 million tickets overall, with a duration of 126 concerts. Her most recent European visit saw 25 shows completely sold out resulting in final earnings of $41.1 million (£24 million)

Source: Gigwise

I mean DAMN!!! I would kill to be Blue Ivy. She never has to EVER! I know Mathew is probably sobbing because if he was still her manager, he would have saw a nice cool piece of that check!

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