August Alsina Rudely Disrespects Keshia Chante On 106th & Park

Newcomer August Alsina showed all of his ass today on EBT's 106th & Park earlier today by snapping on the show's host Keshia Chante. The singer was there to promote his debut album "Testimony" which hit stores today and his new video "Get Ya Money" which features Fabolous.

Well, Keshia asked him about the much talked about beef between him and fellow singer Trey Songz, who is featured on his single "I Luv This" (remix) along with Chris Brown. Apparently before the interview, he told producers that he didn't want to talk about that situation.

Well, Keshia didn't get that memo, and she asked.  He responded very rudely to her and Bow Wow's punk ass didn't even stick up for the girl. She had to clear the air and stick up for herself in which she did a very good job. See the clip below.

First off, let me start off by saying this. August Alsina is gay. He is the former lover of Trey Songz and that is the REAL reason why those two girls aren't on speaking terms. Secondly, how DARE he pop off on Keshia. You are a new comer, you have absolutely NO rank in this industry what so ever to even THINK about requesting that a question not get answered.

Lastly, Bow Wow could have manned up and stood up for her. He talks all that shit but he let her get walked all over like that. He didn't say not one word, he looked afraid to say something. I say it's pure foolery and this made me not even like the kid any more than I already did.....and I didn't. I think as a journalist, Keshia did her job and did exactly what she was supposed to do. She handled it very well. August Alsina needs to sit his punk ass down some where.

The way he handled it was very bitch like. He sounded like a high school girl, rolling his eyes and all that. It's like who cares. Don't answer the damn questions. There was no need to be disrespectful. You are in the entertainment business. Your business is OUR business. That how it goes. We will want to know who you fuckin' and who you beefing with and if the two of you will kiss and make up....which I'm sure yall have done already. Give me some!! (in my YONCE voice)!

"Get Ya Money"

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