Aretha Franklin Suing The News Nerd Website For $10 Million

When you come for the queen without her sending for you, it will cost you a cool $10 million. That's what Aretha Franklin is suing the News Nerd website for concocting a fake store about her physically fighting Patti LaBelle at an unnamed event on March 20th.

The website also falsely reported that the singer was released on a $10,000 bond and had a court date on April 16th. Aretha was forced to publicly release a statement regarding the rumor to major media outlets because it was starting to become believable. See what she had to say below.

“I’ve never heard anything crazier—regarding myself and Patti allegedly fighting on March 20, in Atlanta. On March 20, I was in New York City readying for my birthday patty (Sorry. LOL. Laughing at my typo error). I meant PARTY, which we all had one fabulous time. Patti and I are cool and we always have been. I enjoyed her at the White House. 

Now, the website may have to cough up a hefty $10 million to Aretha for defamation of character. This is exactly why I don't post fake stories about celebrities. Everything I post has some truth to it, or it has the words "Rumor", "Allegedly" or "Reportedly" behind it. Those words indicate that it's not true. None of that was seen in the article on the News Nerd. It was more of "this is what happened, and these are the facts". That website will be no more after this is said and done.

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