Your Favorite 90's Cartoon Character Has Fell Victim To Drugs

If you were born in the mid to late 80's ans early 90's, there is no doubt that you were a fan of cartoons like Rugrats, Power Puff Girls, Doug, Hey Arnold and more. These shows entertained and kept us sane. I don't know what these kids watch now a days, it's all about reality television. Anywho, I came across this story on The Huffington Post and found it quite interesting.

An artist by the name of Paul Ribera has generated sketches of a few cartoon characters doing drugs. His inspiration behind it was the fact that he's from a small town in California called Bastow and drugs has become a way of life there. It's something that you'd never ever seen on Nickeloden or Cartoon Network and he wants people to know that life isn't all glitz and glamour. See the pictures and his story below.

He explained to Huffington Post that in Barstow, California drugs have become a way of life, something you are not likely to see depicted on Nickelodeon. 
"I grew up in the small town of Barstow, 
CA (or as my friends and I call it 'Bat Country')," he said. 
"I, personally, have been interested in the effects of drugs and what it does to people and, unfortunately, in the town I live in, it’s a way of life. 
"These cartoons are what I (and pretty much all kids of the '90s) used to watch and I thought… 'Man, what if these people characters were from here?' I was watching old reruns one day while I was drawing and I decided to go as dark as hell with it and let the popular images the world knows turn into what I've seen on a daily basis for the past twenty years." 
He continued: "I want people to know what goes on in the boarded up house and how it’s not all Kim & Kanye and happy stadium proposals the media tends to give off." 
"Life’s struggle is real and it’s in our own backyard and in this case, it’s in our cartoons."

Johnny Bravo of Cartoon Network
Bubbles, Blossom & Buttercup; The Powerpuff Girls
Doug Funnie of Nickeloden
Chuckie & Tomy of Rugrats
Arnold from Nickeloden
Dee Dee & Dexter of Dexter's Laboratory
Ed, Edd & Eddy of Cartoon Network 
Otto & Regie of Rocket Power
Cat Dog of Nickeloden
You know, this does kind of hit home a bit. It kind of feels like I'm seeing my childhood friend for the first time in years and they're strung out on crack. I grew up watching each and every one of these shows and it's kind of saddening. Obviously, this isn't the fate of the characters but still, just to see what they'd look like.

You know, people should use this as a tool to never try or do drugs. Someone should take random pictures and photo shop the hell out of them so that people could see what they would look like if they were on drugs. It could be a wake up call. Don't do drugs people. Keep them at bay. What do you think about the photos?

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