Florida Mother Arrested For Filthy & Unhealthy Living Environment

Yolander Lasane has been arrested and booked for five counts of child neglect and endangerment. Police stated that the family has been living in a filthy home with trash, dog feces and urine-soaked beds for several years now. The children 5, 9, 12, 15 & 17 are staying with a relative who's arranging a permanent living system for them, while the mother is being detained at Orange County Jail.

The police were called to the home after a concerned social worker reported that the oldest child hadn't been home in over three weeks. The teen was never reported missing by her mother because she insisted that the girl was troublesome and had been sleeping around. But the daughter told a different story.

She claims that the mother threw her out and told her not to ever return (who would want to). The girl left and stayed with a friend for three weeks and went home to get her belongings only to find out they were all thrown out. So that is how the police arrived to the home thanks to the phone call. They had to remove piles of trash to get to the door and when they opened it, they were hit with a foul odor and  this is what they saw...

The kitchen sink with mold growing all around.

The stove with old food stains and the only working appliance...the can opener.

The refrigerator with new food piled on top of old food.

The bathroom with no working toilet, sink or bathtub.

The kids bedrooms with soiled mattresses, bedbugs, feces and trash.

The mother's room was in better shape than the kids. There was a working air-conditioner as well as a T.V. in her room. The mother said she has trouble walking due to her weight and stays in bed most of the time, meaning she leaves the children to come and go as they please.

Just know that she walked perfectly fine to the police car after she was arrested and booked. I just don't understand how someone's home could be so dirty! I just don't understand. at least the 17 year old had some sense and stayed at a friends, but the others?

It's such a shame the children had to live that way. I just don't know how people could NOT clean. Nasty, just NAASTY!! I wonder was she always like this? If she was, who in the hell got in between THOSE thunda thighs?! They had to have been just  as nasty. Thoughts on this?

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