Countess Vaughn Reveals Life Changing Health Scare

Remember the funny and talented Countess Vaughn? She's a veteran of the small screen and starred on the hit UPN shows Moesha and The Parkers. After those days, she kind of faded into oblivion while making very minor appearances on shows like Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Rap Star and Lets Stay Together. Most recently, she appeared on The Doctors.

Just a few days ago, the actress joined the doctors on stage and revealed a life changing and embarrassing health scare with caused her to stay out of the lime light. She endured a server scalp infection which caused her to have skin discoloration and a large amount of hair loss. Watch as she tells her story below.

It's such a shame how these beauty tips and tricks turn out to be so bad for people. Hollywood needs to find better solutions for these things. Lace front wigs are nothing new, everyone wears them, but Countess said that it was a 24/7 thing for her. I can easily see why she caught the infection because of the glue.

It sat on her skin for so long to the point where it irritated the skin, for six whole months until it was infected. She said it best herself, it was all about what looked good. I'm happy to see that she's okay and healthy. Now she just needs to start back working because shes funny as ever!!

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