ASK DIMP | Child Abuse or Discipline?

The Alleged Story Behind The Ass Whoppin':

The 13 year old girl goes missing and hasn't been seen or heard from by anyone for three full days. The family assume that she's dead. The girl then posts pictures of herself with different guys on Facebook revealing where she's been and what she's been doing for the past 72 Hours. 

Is that discipline or a form of child abuse? My thoughts below.

After watching the video over and over, personally, I feel that teenagers today should be disciplined differently because it can easily be looked at as a form of abuse. I don't think ass whippings will cut it now-a-days. I'm not saying that they need to fight them like a stranger on the streets, but times are so different now.

You have to hit kids where it hurts. Take away privileges, turn off the internet, deactivate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, stop them from going out, take away cell phones. Sever ties from the outside world. That's our youth today. It's all about social media, going out and all that jazz. So hit them where it hurts. Keep them in their rooms, put them on punishment.

 I mean at the age of 13, I think they are too old for ass whippings. I feel that if ass whippings were given as a child, they wouldn't act out. As a child, you are growing and learning. If that ass was getting beat as a child, you were learning from your mistakes. As a teenager, it's too late for an ass whipping. It does nothing. There's no learning or growing.

Their minds are already molded and their heads are set, and they will do what they want. So to answer this question, I'd say its a form of abuse. A six or seven year old child would not be whipped like this would they? If she was seven, the police would be knocking at the door. You'd look at that as child abuse right? So why is it any different for a thirteen year old girl?

 Granted we know allegedly why he was whipping her, but why do people think it's okay? Your child you a product of you. If that girl was gone for three days, then that says something about her upbringing. Maybe the mom needs to be pulled by her hair and beat or even the father. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with me? Comment below!

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