9 Year Old Girl Banned From School After Shaving Her Head To Support Friend Who's Battling Cancer

Best friends are ones you can depend, no matter what. That saying goes for these two young girls from Colorado. Kamryn and Delaney are best friends and unfortunately Delaney is battling cancer. She just recently began treatment which has caused her to lose all of her hair. Well, her best friend didn't want her to be alone, so she shaved her hair to support her friend.

Once Kamryn arrived to her school, Caprock Academy, they immediately told her that she cold not come back to class unless she had a wig or until her natural hair grew back. The school has a strict policy against shaved heads for girls.

Karmyn's mother emailed the school explaining why her daughter's head was shaved and their response was that no exceptions could be made. After receiving unwanted media attention the school allowed the girl back into class Tuesday morning.

They shouldn't have banned her in the first place! What clearly the girls aren't at the same school or Delaney isn't able to attend class,but what if she beats cancer. Would she not be allowed in school becuase her hair is gone? That's a very stupid rule! #ChimeforChange!

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