What Is Your Ghetto Name? Spell It Below!

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Demond = Quenaydieetaque LMAO! Spells yours.

PHOTO OF THE DAY | Cupcakes By Hey Sweets Boutique

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See more deliciousness here from Hey Sweets Boutique!

NEW VIDEO | Rita Ora - "I Will Never Let You Down"

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Rita Ora has returned with her first single and video which are lifted from her upcoming sophomore album. The song is called "I Will Never Let You Down" and the clip was directed by Francesco Carrozzini. The track itself was produced by Calvin Harris and was said to be inspired by the legendary Whitney Houston.

Rita spoke on the single saying "“It’s obviously a very important song to me because it’s a love song, but it reminds you of Whitney,” Rita told Paper. “And that was the vibe we were on. We just wanted to feel good. You know that feeling of ‘How Will I Know’ with the synth? It just makes you feel happy; that’s what I wanted to create.” Check out the fun-filled clip below.

NEW VIDEO | PTAF - "Boss Ass Bitch"

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At one point or the other, I know for a FACT that you have heard this song. If you use social media you've heard it and if you're a Nicki Minaj fan, you;ve heard it. The song is called "Boss Ass Bitch" and its performed by the group PTAF which stands for Pretty Taking All Fades. Their individual names are Kandi, K-Duce and Alizé and they're from Los Angeles.

These three girls dropped a viral video on you tube last May and it has since garnered over 14 million views. That caught the attention of Capitol Records who signed the girls to a record deal and now they have the song listed as a single with a brand new and refreshed video. Get into it below.

Florida Mother Arrested For Filthy & Unhealthy Living Environment

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Yolander Lasane has been arrested and booked for five counts of child neglect and endangerment. Police stated that the family has been living in a filthy home with trash, dog feces and urine-soaked beds for several years now. The children 5, 9, 12, 15 & 17 are staying with a relative who's arranging a permanent living system for them, while the mother is being detained at Orange County Jail.

The police were called to the home after a concerned social worker reported that the oldest child hadn't been home in over three weeks. The teen was never reported missing by her mother because she insisted that the girl was troublesome and had been sleeping around. But the daughter told a different story.

She claims that the mother threw her out and told her not to ever return (who would want to). The girl left and stayed with a friend for three weeks and went home to get her belongings only to find out they were all thrown out. So that is how the police arrived to the home thanks to the phone call. They had to remove piles of trash to get to the door and when they opened it, they were hit with a foul odor and  this is what they saw...

The Baby Mama Dance

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Pizza or Casserole | Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza

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If you know me, then you know I absolutely LOVE pizza. I could eat it for days straight. My favorite is thin crust sausage. Being from Chicago, you probably thought I was going to say deep dish. Your  thought was wrong. While I don't DISLIKE deep dish, I just prefer thin crust. If offered a slice of deep dish, I'd take it, but I'll never order one.

There's a debate going on about whether Chicago's deep dish pizza should even be considered pizza given the way that it's made. Some out-of-towners call it a lasagna with a crust, casserole or cake. Given the way it's made, i can see how they've came to those conclusions. But others feel that deep dish is indeed a pizza.

Melanie & Derwin Returning To The Game? + Episodes 1-5

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All fingers point to yes! Tia Mowry-Hardict and Pooch Hall will most likely return to the hit BET series The Game for the season seven finale. Their characters Melanie and Derwin were actually written into the sixth season's finale but due to scheduling, their parts were written out.

Wendy Raquel Robinson, who plays Tasha Mack on the show, recently spoke to Mara and shed light on the situation. She says that the shows change isn't a bad thing and it's a true reflection of what actually goes in the the NFL with players being traded and leaving. See what she had to say below.

Jennifair Performs "Crack" At Open Mic Night In NYC

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It's been a few short weeks since Jennifair moved to New York and she's doing what she does best! The emcee secured a spot at Open Mic Club Pyramid 101 and got the chance to perform. The event was hosted by Legend Supreme and this marked Jen's first New York performance.

She slayed the stage with DrumMage's produced song "Crack".  She got the crowd into the music. You could tell they were definitely feeling that crack she was slanging. This is just the begining as I'm sure there will be many more performances just like this. Get into it below!

Foolery of the Day | Dirty Ass House

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NEW VIDEO | Chris Brown - "Loyal" (feat. Tyga & Lil Wayne)

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Chris Brown may be in jail and hot water, but the man is all over the radios with his features and singles and now he's about to be all up in yo T.V. screen with his new video for "Loyal". The track features Tyga and Lil Wayne is will be featured on his upcoming album "X", which hits stores May 5th.

Usher and Trey Songz make cameo appearances in the clip while Chris still shows that he can dance up a storm and make a solid music video. The song is sitting at #10 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart. Check out the entertaining clip below!

9 Year Old Girl Banned From School After Shaving Her Head To Support Friend Who's Battling Cancer

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Best friends are ones you can depend, no matter what. That saying goes for these two young girls from Colorado. Kamryn and Delaney are best friends and unfortunately Delaney is battling cancer. She just recently began treatment which has caused her to lose all of her hair. Well, her best friend didn't want her to be alone, so she shaved her hair to support her friend.

Once Kamryn arrived to her school, Caprock Academy, they immediately told her that she cold not come back to class unless she had a wig or until her natural hair grew back. The school has a strict policy against shaved heads for girls.

Tamar Braxton Lines Up U.S. Tours

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Watch out now! SHE is going on tour and may be coming to a city near you. Earlier today, Tamar Braxton announced not one but two tours for her Tamartians. The singer will first play the opening act role for R. Kelly and his "Black Panties" tour. Then she will begin to headline her very own.

The "Love & War" tour will begin on May 16th will wrap up June 23rd. She will be coming to Chicago on June 6th at the Concord Music Hall so be sure to grab some of those tickets! I know I will try! They will go on sale March 29th on her official website. See the full set of dates for both tours below.

A Major Artist Is Planning "A Beyonce-esque" Exclusive iTunes Release...Who Could It Be?

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We all knew it wouldn't be long before someone else tested the "surprise release" waters like Beyonce did with her latest album last December. She shattered records with such a bold move and saw so much profit and success with it. So much that it's inspired another big named artist to follow in her footsteps.

According to Digitial Music News, Apple & iTunes are structuring a very similar deal with someone who has yet and possibly will not be named. The source tells them that the world has definitely heard of this artist and if all goes well, there are multiple acts that are looking to seal the same exclusive deal.

ASK DIMP | Child Abuse or Discipline?

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The Alleged Story Behind The Ass Whoppin':

The 13 year old girl goes missing and hasn't been seen or heard from by anyone for three full days. The family assume that she's dead. The girl then posts pictures of herself with different guys on Facebook revealing where she's been and what she's been doing for the past 72 Hours. 

Is that discipline or a form of child abuse? My thoughts below.

Your Favorite 90's Cartoon Character Has Fell Victim To Drugs

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If you were born in the mid to late 80's ans early 90's, there is no doubt that you were a fan of cartoons like Rugrats, Power Puff Girls, Doug, Hey Arnold and more. These shows entertained and kept us sane. I don't know what these kids watch now a days, it's all about reality television. Anywho, I came across this story on The Huffington Post and found it quite interesting.

An artist by the name of Paul Ribera has generated sketches of a few cartoon characters doing drugs. His inspiration behind it was the fact that he's from a small town in California called Bastow and drugs has become a way of life there. It's something that you'd never ever seen on Nickeloden or Cartoon Network and he wants people to know that life isn't all glitz and glamour. See the pictures and his story below.

Countess Vaughn Reveals Life Changing Health Scare

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Remember the funny and talented Countess Vaughn? She's a veteran of the small screen and starred on the hit UPN shows Moesha and The Parkers. After those days, she kind of faded into oblivion while making very minor appearances on shows like Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Rap Star and Lets Stay Together. Most recently, she appeared on The Doctors.

Just a few days ago, the actress joined the doctors on stage and revealed a life changing and embarrassing health scare with caused her to stay out of the lime light. She endured a server scalp infection which caused her to have skin discoloration and a large amount of hair loss. Watch as she tells her story below.

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