RUMOR CONTROL | Jhene Aiko Two Months Pregnant By Drake?

The latest rumor floating across the inter-web today is about Drake and Jhene Aiko. Word has it that the two are expecting a child together. She's reportedly two months pregnant and this would be her second child. She already a daughter from O'Ryan who is the younger brother of Omarion.

The news broke today as the two apparently have been on the road together for Drake's "Nothing Was The Same" tour. It's believed that they're romance sparked because of so much time spent together rehearsing, in the studio and on stage. They're said to have had a hot and steamy relationship while they were on the road and the result is that she's two months pregnant.

She's featured on his new album "Nothing Was The Same" and the track is called "From Time". The tour kicked off in November 2013 which saw the two stop at over 40 cities and she's served as the opening act for each and every show along with rapper Future.

I could see this being true simply because she is just his type of girl. She's has qualities and traits very similar to Aaliyah and we all know how he felt about her. So I wouldn't even put this story past them. But could I see Drake as a father is the real question.

Whatever the case, they look good together and they sound great together. They'd have a cute baby.

Do you believe it? Share your thoughts and comment below.

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