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I know that I am about a good week and a half late with this post, but it's better late than never. Jennifer Lopez dropped a new music video for her song "Same Girl". There's no word if the song or the video will be apart of her new album that's due out later this year. She's been in the studio with Chris Brown, Future and a few other artists and producers.

In the video, she portrayed that she's still Jenny from the block. We get to see her walk down the streets of the Bronx waving and talking to fans, ride the subway train, dancing in the streets with her girls and a lot more. See if she got your approval below. Also, my good friend B from Can You Dress and Thirsty Blog will be sharing his thoughts about the clip as well. Check it all out below.

You know, I don't really buy this "same girl" or "ordinary girl" movement that's been going on. These celebrities shoot videos with their fans and appear to be very spontaneous, but the question I would like to know is will they do it, just to do it? Would Jennifer Lopez walk down the Bronx, would she ride the subway, would she dance and hang out with fans on her own terms? No video, no cameras, no anything. Just her being the same girl and doing it just becuase? Do you think she would?

Hell no she wouldn't. Nor would Beyonce for that matter. Her "XO" video was very much the same, it was all for work and business, I can bet any type of money J.Lo wouldn't be caught riding a subway train. So is she the same girl in my eyes.....NO! This song is whack, and the video was just not natural. She was clearly doing all of those things simply because she needed to shoot a video, not becuas she's still Jenny from the block!


B from Can You Dress and Thirsty Blog:

Same girl was a nice video to see jenny going back to her hometown. She looked good, and her fashion was nice. But we all know this is a single she won't push seriously. I hope she has some serious heat on this album that brings that urban jlo back.

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