Mariah Carey Has To Remind Us About What She's Done Eons Ago In Order To Announce Her New Single & Album

"Lets try this again......" That's what Mariah Carey is saying with this entire album process. The woman has released "Triumphant", "Almost Home", "#Beautiful", "The Art of Letting Go" and god knows what else in order to start the promotion for the album. But neither single took off deeming them buzz and promotional tracks.

So here we are now, with the announcement of her new single and album's release date. She did it all by dropping a two minute video clip telling us about all the awards and accolades she's obtained over decades of her being in the industry. All of that, plus photos and videos or her all laced on top of her "We Belong Together" track.

Then finally at the very end, we get to see the cover for the new single "You're Mine (Eternally)". She debuted and performed the song at the BET Honors ceremony and it apparently received favorable reviews. I've yet to hear the racket. The single will be available on 2/12/14 and album is set to be released on 05/06/14. All dates are subject to change... Check out the video announcement below.

She does the most. Who cares that you are the most whatever? Your fans and lambs know this already. Who are you trying to remind? Because frankly no one cares. People just want the music. Can you give us that instead of telling us horror stories a bout you only winning 5 Grammy awards throughout your 50 years of being in music....Why does she feel the need to remind the world about what she did? The question is can she do it now? No she cannot....and I'll end it there.

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