BEST YOU'VE NEVER HEARD | Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia and Whitney Houston

Welcome the return of "Best You've Never Heard". Again, it's a segment which embraces unheard songs that we love. They could be leaked songs, failed or scrapped singles or songs that just linger on an album and does not get any airplay. So today we're focusing on three lovely ladies. There is also commentary from my friend B who runs Can You Dress and Thirsty Blog.

Among the three, my picks are Jennifer Hudson & Fantasia. No, it's not the duet "I'm His Only Woman" from Jennifer's debut album. My song of choice is "Gone" which is lifted from her sophomore effort "I Remember Me". As for Fantasia, we will take a look at her failed first single from her album "Back to Me". The song is called "Even Angles"

My good friend B chose a song from the legendary Whitney Houston. It was from her final album "I Look To You" and the song choice was "Call You Tonight". That is also one of my favorite songs. It was produced by Stargate and penned by Jonta Austin. Lets dig in below shall we!

When I listened to her album, I was like YES! YES! YES! I love it! This song in particular was special. It was finally a song from her that was more pop driven and not a heavy ballad or R&B. This is the only song of it's kind on the album which is why I love it. Also when I was hooked on it, I was listening to it to cope with a situation I was going through.

Everytime I let someone listen to it, they say it doesn't "sound" like Jennifer. People are just used to her heavy and slow ballads. But this clearly shows that she can do a lot more with her sound. This was just a win for me. I can listen to this song all day every day. It was written by Ester Dean and produced by Polow da Don and Hit-Boy. Listen to it below.

Next on the list is Fantasia. Now, a lot of people don't know that this song was actually the first single choice for her album "Back to Me". She performed it on Oprah and everything. After it failed, it was deemed a promotional single and replaced with "Bittersweet". I, however, loved the song.

It's actually very similar to the Jennifer Hudson song that I just talked about above. It's shows a more pop side of Fantasia. She has a pop sound and a piano driven pop production throughout the song but it's still Fantasia. It failed because fans didn't connect with it. A lot of people felt that it wasn't her. But I beg to differ. This has to be one of my favorite songs from her ever. Get into "Even Angels" below!


B from Can You Dress and Thirsty Blog:

In honor of her 2 year anniversary of her passing coming up on the 11th, I dedicate my post to Whitney Houston! This song is called "Call You Tonight". It was on her last album "I Look To You" which came out in 2009. I just love this song, from the beat, to the lyrics, to how she delivers the song. There were doubters of her voice but I think this was a song that showcased she still had it. I wish it was released as the 3rd single because it definitely had potential to dominate the adult R&B categories.

Thanks for reading and listening. Hopefully these songs will stick to you like they've stuck to us! Did you like any of the songs? Are there any other songs from these artists that you just love that no one really knows about? Vote and comment below!

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