Ashanti Reveals ANOTHER Album Cover

You know how they say that people get better and better with what they do as time goes on? I will say that's the case with Ashanti. Todahy she revealed yet another album cover for her upcoming album "BraveHeart". This marks the third one and I'd say that it's the second best one.

The also has a new release date of March 14th. That marks it's 192nd push back since it was announced back in 2011. The project seems to be pushing forward as the fan favorite song "I Got It" which features Rick Ross. The video should premiere within the next few weeks. Until then, peep the sneak peek below.

Well DAMN!! This is how you come and SLAY. This was just a preview and it just looks extra hott! I can't wait for the premiere. Gosh, she's defintely stepped up. I think it's becuase she left Nelly's ole country ass. Ever since that split, she's been hotter than that thang! Go head miss shanti!!


This promo picture surfaced online just a few hours ago! Get into her fierceness!

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