Rihanna Does Good Morning America

I swear this girl gets more credit than a bitch with a credit score of 800! Rihanna paid a visit to Good Morning America today to talk about her new campaign that she's involved in the the cosmetics giant MAC and their new Viva Glam lip stick and lip glass products.

But before all of that came about Robin Roberts opened with a million accolades for this girl. Most Liked on Facebook, 4 Billion Youtube views, Best Selling Digital Artist and her most recent Grammy win for Best Urban Contemporary Album (Which should have went to Tamar Braxton)......girl BYE! Those aren't real. Those plus others were presented when she received that imaginary Icon Award with that wash and set wrap and I was just thinking that these aren't accomplishments.....
 They're not ground breaking accomplishments, nor are they worthy of being deemed an icon for it. It just grind-ed my gears hearing Robin say all of that and Rihanna trying her BEST to be humble about it but it just came across as fake....

ANYWAY, after all of that nonsense, the two chatted about the HIV and Aids charity work that she has been involved in and how to goal is to raise $40M to the cause and epidemic. She spoke of it like she just read a few statics from Vibe Magazine. It didn't really sound like she knew much...but whatever, it was all for a good cause. Check it out below.


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