Ashanti Slammed By Fans & Gays After Homophobic Tweet

Ashanti found her self in hot ass water a few days ago after she sent a tweet blasting a follower for being "in the closet". She lost fans and just might have gained some after standing up for herself when she was put on blast by a fan saying that her single flopped like a fish out of water.

It all ended with a bunch of re-tweets and comments from upset fans who was surprised that she stooped so low. The homophobic tweet has since been deleted but not before screen captures were done. Check out the juicy details below.

Ashanti tweeted...

and a follower responded to her. But sure enough Ashanti had quick and wicked reply....

Yes it was quick and witty but it was also met with backlash. Some people didn't approve. Peep the tweets.

And that was that. Is she wrong for clapping back? No, could she have done it with better words....maybe. Her word choice could have been better if you ask me. It makes me feel that she feels some type of way towards the gays or "in the closet" people. She pretty much poked fun at him for being in the closet, making it seem that she feels that way towards all of the people that are "in the closet".

She could have said ANYTHING to clap back but she chose the homo route. Sheri Sheppard is under fire for her views among gays and here is Ashanti going strong. Just when things start to look up, new album cover, new music new video and all she goes and opens her mouth. I ain't mad at her though for defending herself...she should have just done it better.


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