56th Annual Grammy Awards: Performances

Here are the performances for the night. This post will be updated throughout the night with performances,so check back frequently!! Get into them below. Videos courtesy of Mr. World Premiere.

Beyonce & Jay Z - "Drunk In Love"

It was supposed to be a secret that Bey was opening the show, but of course everyone knew about it which is why the world tuned in. Was it a spectacular performance.....no. Not one bit. It was not worth me ditching work early to catch it. Yup, I sure did. Came into work earlier than I was supposed to just to be able to leave early and I did just that! Any who, no one knew what she was performing, but when I saw that water dripping from that wet ass hair, I figured it was "Drunk In Love". The performance was just plain boring. It was just a stage performance of the video. Shit, she even looked the EXACT same, make up and all. The only thing that was missing was the fog machine. I was expecting to be blown away but I was highly disappointed.

I guess she was too busy with the Mrs. Carter world tour, planning Miss Tina a 60th birthday bash and Blue a safari dream land of a birthday to give us a fresh, well rehearsed and epic Grammy comeback. she didn't even have her band present. She sang to a back track which is rare. This was not a comeback...it was a never come back. As in don't come back to give us a half ass show. Next year I need something better. I was expecting something from the Super Bowl or at least some fire from her tour....but instead I got none of that. Just a bunch of ass waving in the camera. Peep it below.

Lorde - "Royals"

This child is very interesting. I like the song, I love her voice, I just don't like the stage presence she gives off. Jenni said she looks like a tyrannosaurus rex with those hunched over arms. Her set was just as boring though. She stood in that one circle and sang her heart out to the back track. Check her out below.

Katy Perry & Juicy J - "Dark Horse"

Alright, now if you follow this blog then you know that this song is not a tune that I apporved for Katy to attempt. I've always said that this was a song for Rihanna. So why does she keep attempting to perform this mess? She also attempts to dance which is another thing that she should not attempt....EVER. The only party that was cool and cute was the lil "ganster" dance she does when she's standing on the platform with the rest of the dancers. You'll see it below.

Hunter Hayes

I've seen this guy somewhere before but I can't put my finger on it...but here he is.

Chicago & Robin Thicke

Keith Urban & Gary Clark Jr.

John Legend

This man's voice is just everything!! This performance was simply amazing and everything. Whatever he touches just goes to gold! Check him out below.

Kendrick Lamar & Imagine Dragons 

Now this performance was all of tha and a bag of chips. He showed exactly why he's able to call out all rappers, take shots and call himself the king. He's performing at the Grammy's with seven nominations....can your fav top that? Besides Jay Z? Check out the dope performance! It was very radioactive!

Pink & Nate Ruess

This was another great performance. Though, I feel that she recycled a bit from her Grammy performance a few years ago, it still worked in her favor. She is just awesome! Peep it below.

Ringo Starr

Daft Punk, Pharrell & Stevie Wonder

Taylor Swift - "All Too Well"

This performance was vocally great. I love me some Swift! Even though she sat on that piano and flung her head back a few times, it was very entertaining to me. Check it out below.

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