Americans Petition To Deport Justin Bieber

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It looks like some of America has been cured from the Bieber fever that has plagued the nation for nearly five years. So much that a petition has reached well over 100,000 signatures and requires attention and a response from the White House.

It is apart of the Obama Administration Policy to respond to any petition that reaches over 100K supporters within 30 days and this is one of them. People want Justin Bieber to return to his home country of Canada and and terrorize their tabloids and new screens. See the petition below.

Call Kim Kardashian A N****R Lover, Get $250K..

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That's exactly what happened to an 18 year old Beverly Hills man. A few weeks ago, Kanye West reportedly attacked a man inside of a chiropractor's office. The man apparently hurled racial slurs toward Kim Kardashain calling her a n***r lover and other slurs which set Kanye off.

He reportedly chased the man to an office in the building and preceded to punch him in the face. Instead of pressing charges, it looks like the man decided to settle out of court for a cool $250K. He fought for more but it wasn't happening....All I gotta say is that Kim better not walk my way because she will be all type of bitches and hoes....then I'll look for Kanye PERSONALLY just to get hit.

U.K. Newspaper Calls Beyonce A Whore

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It's not really a secret that people were upset about Beyonce's lackluster performance on the Grammy's this past Sunday night. People trashed her with ramen noodles, wet dogs, table cloths and more shortly after she took the stage. While fans were upset with how she performed, parents were upset with how she looked.

The U.K.'s Metro Daily newspaper printed and published a story with the title being "Whore Beyonce Angers Parents With Raunchy Act". Apparently parents were appalled and had to turn from the show after their kids witnessed the sexuality of Beyonce.

Other who watched asked themselves how could she, as a mother, do such things on live TV knowing that children from all around the word are watching. One person asked what did Michelle Obama and her kids think about it?

FOOLERY OF THE DAY | Our Future....

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Rihanna Does Good Morning America

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I swear this girl gets more credit than a bitch with a credit score of 800! Rihanna paid a visit to Good Morning America today to talk about her new campaign that she's involved in the the cosmetics giant MAC and their new Viva Glam lip stick and lip glass products.

But before all of that came about Robin Roberts opened with a million accolades for this girl. Most Liked on Facebook, 4 Billion Youtube views, Best Selling Digital Artist and her most recent Grammy win for Best Urban Contemporary Album (Which should have went to Tamar Braxton)......girl BYE! Those aren't real. Those plus others were presented when she received that imaginary Icon Award with that wash and set wrap and I was just thinking that these aren't accomplishments.....

56th Annual Grammy Awards: Winners List

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Here's a full list of the winners from tonight's ceremony. Rihanna and Alicia Keys took home Grammy awards. Lorde took home two awards, while Jay Z took home one. Kendrick Lamar was nominated for quite a few but went home with none. Check it out below.

56th Annual Grammy Awards: Performances

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Here are the performances for the night. This post will be updated throughout the night with performances,so check back frequently!! Get into them below. Videos courtesy of Mr. World Premiere.

56th Annual Grammy Awards: Red Carpet Arrivals

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The 56th Annual Grammy Awards is about to take place and I will be pleased to give you coverage on the festivities! Below you can check out a few of your favorites arriving to the event. I will let you know now that Beyonce will not be in the photo set.

Adele Preps New Album "25" & New Single "Devil On My Shoulder"

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Are you ready for the return of Adele? If not, then I suggest you go crawl into a bunker and reside there for the next four years or so because she's about to release a new album called "25" and her next single is rumored to be called "Devil On My Shoulder" and will be out sometime in March.

Will it be as groundbreaking as "21"? Will she snag Grammy's and other awards for this new body of work? After all, the last album was so successful due to the break-up with her then boyfriend. What is she going to sing about now? Postpartum Depression? We shall see, be on the look out!

Ashanti Slammed By Fans & Gays After Homophobic Tweet

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Ashanti found her self in hot ass water a few days ago after she sent a tweet blasting a follower for being "in the closet". She lost fans and just might have gained some after standing up for herself when she was put on blast by a fan saying that her single flopped like a fish out of water.

It all ended with a bunch of re-tweets and comments from upset fans who was surprised that she stooped so low. The homophobic tweet has since been deleted but not before screen captures were done. Check out the juicy details below.

Ciara Wants You To Know....

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Ciara pretty much said "miss me with the bullshit." In a new open letter that she penned and posted onto her website OnlyCiara, the songstress makes it clear that she is not here for the blogs, negativity or cyber bulling across the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In her letter she states that she can no longer go to blogs to see the creativity because now they contain nothing but trash posts and they thrash artists to ignite fan wars.

She threw shade at bloggers who are completely negative, she mentioned how people end their lives due to bullying and how she could stoop just as low as the negative person and rip them to shreds with cruel words over the internet, but she chooses not to. She said that she would like for people to be more uplifting and positive. I mean, in a perfect world who wouldn't? See her letter below.

VIDEO OF THE DAY | How Do You Define Yourself? By Lizzie Velasquez

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The Game Returns Tuesday March 4th!

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Are you ready for the return of The Game? The hit BET series will return on March 4th and 10p/9c. Your regulars will be returning; Wendy Raquel Robinson as Tasha Mack, Josea Chanchez as Malik Wright, Coby Bell as Jason Pitts, Brandy as Chardonnay Pitts, Lauren London as Kiera and Jay Ellis as Bryce.

Early fans like myself will see the ferocious return of Jason's ex-wife Kelly Pitts who will be played by Brittany Daniels. The serious is rumored to be in it's final stages, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. It was also rumored that Tia Mowry-Hardict would reprise her role it this season finale to conclude her character's story, but that has yet to be confirmed either.

All I know is that I'm excited for Kelly's return! Her name was brought up a lot last season so it's good to see it all come to life. The trailer for the new season was released earlier today. You can check it out here.

Ashanti Is Ready To Slay!

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It's a new year and it looks like we're getting new news surround Ashanti and her highly delayed album "Braveheart". Since it's planned release in 2012, we've gotten single after single, a few videos and a ton of interviews. Now it looks like the ball is rolling after she dropped brand spanking new promo photos AND a new flawless album cover!

Yes, I said flawless, because it is ten times better than the last one. Not only did we get a revamped cover, but we also got a release date of February 18th so mark those calenders. She's stated that she's recorded over 60 songs for the project so a track-list should be out and ready soon. In the meantime, check out more photos below.
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